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Arizona  legal malpractice

Suing lawyers for legal malpractice requires an experienced attorney

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Arizona Legal Malpractice Lawyer

An Arizona legal malpractice case starts with a client unhappy with the results. The first step in analyzing whether legal malpractice was committed and about suing a lawyer  is to learn the reason for the attorney malpractice. The analysis of how the legal malpractice was a cause of financial damages requires a review of the client’s entire file. It is very helpful in analyzing an Arizona legal malpractice case if the client retrieves his or her file. It requires that an expert lawyer in Arizona legal matters consult on the standard of care applicable to Arizona legal malpractice.

Why is this important? Because most cases of Arizona legal malpractice require proof that had the lawyer not been negligent the client's results would have been better. In most cases in Arizona an expert lawyer is hired to testify about the standard of care of an Arizona attorney, without which you cannot prove Arizona legal malpractice.   The standard of care of a lawyer in Arizona is what a reasonable Arizona lawyer should do under the circumstances of the representation. Basically, it means an Arizona lawyer should be competent, 

diligent, and loyal. If you believe your lawyer committed legal malpractice

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Mr. Lerner has experience on the issue of standard of care because he has tried cases to juries on the issue of lawyer malpractice, served as an expert witness on lawyer negligence, and served as a Hearing Officer on lawyer ethics and discipline.  

There may be a consultation fee depending on the type of matter and issues involved. For example, legal malpractice in Arizona involving real estate, business transactions, litigation, divorce, probate, trusts and estates, adoptions, immigration, civil rights, unauthorized settlement, and bankruptcy matters require an in-person consultation with document review. In this regard, a flat fee of $350 for a one-hour consultation is charged and the consultation may involve an expert lawyer at an additional fee.  There is generally no consultation fee for cases involving bodily injury claims where the lawyer malpractice is based on when the  case is not filed within the Statute of Limitations (a failure to file a complaint on time).