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For matters involving lawyer discipline Mr. Lerner was chosen by the Arizona Supreme Court to serve as one of several  volunteer lawyers who participate in evidentiary hearings with the Presiding Disciplinary Judge and a non-lawyer member. After the evidence is presented and argument considered on the Respondent lawyer's conduct, a decision is rendered and, if warranted, the panel imposes sanctions. These sanctions may range from a reprimand, suspension, and for egregious cases disbarment. Sometimes restitution is ordered as a condition of probation. Those who serve in the role of a lawyer member of the panel bring a vast array of experience and diversity, thereby preserving the integrity of the process.

Mr. Lerner has experience on the issue of standard of care of lawyers because he has tried cases to juries on the issue of lawyer malpractice, served as an expert witness on lawyer negligence, and served as a Hearing Officer on lawyer ethics.  

The State Bar of Arizona provides a profile of all Arizona lawyers. The lawyer profile includes a representation that the lawyer carries or does not carry legal malpractice insurance.   In selecting a lawyer always hire a lawyer that carries malpractice insurance.

Stanley R. Lerner P.C. carries a lawyer malpractice insurance.

Suing lawyers for legal malpractice requires an experienced attorney

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